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Entrepreneurs: Expect to fail and stop being so hard on yourself

As a marketing entrepreneur, I frequently deal with business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to make it and fear they will fail. Nobody starts a business thinking it will fail, but many do. Often failure is an essential part of ultimately achieving success. Many of the most accomplished business people we know have failed repeatedly on their path to success. So why do we dread failing? What is failure, really? And why is it so important?

Recently I had a special guest on my podcast, Rana Gujral. Rana, an extraordinarily successful and talented engineer, entrepreneur and writer for many of the entrepreneurial sites, was recently noted as one of Huffington Post’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs. His career just about anyone would envy, however, he is also very well-acquainted with failure. In an exclusive interview with Rana, he explores the concept of failure, what it really means to fail and how it can actually be beneficial to your career.

How to find speaking gigs online

How to find speaking gigs online!
If you are a speaker, a professional coach, or business owner with a message to share, you really need to listen to this show! If your business is dependent on coaching clients, your pipeline may remind you of a ping pong ball- constantly moving- reactive in nature- and filled with ups and downs.

What are you doing to proactively keep your pipeline on fire? How are you reaching a larger audience than just the people you meet in person and on LinkedIn?

How about getting interviewed on a podcast? This is only ONE of many ideas on the proactive activities you can do for yourself to keep the sales funnel moving in a direction that brings you more opportunities.

Sasha Zebryk: How intentional are your networking efforts?

How intentional are your networking efforts?

Sasha Zebryk is an author, international speaker, and mentor to many women over the age of 40 who look to start new businesses as well as improve their skills to become wildly successful.
For many women, just the mere word of SALES casts a negative image no matter how smooth the process. Sasha is a master networking professional offering clever tips and tactics designed to create immediate and lasting business relationships.

Listen in to our show with Sasha Zebryk and learn how to get in the right mindset for better earning potential and great ideas on how YOU can work a room like a pro!

Laurie Collings: Secrets from a Headhunter

Secrets from a Headhunter 
(how to stand out from the crowd)

What do top performing job recruiters look for when filling top executive positions?

Learn from Manpower’s very own, Laurie Collings as to what tips and tactics you need to have for a stellar online presence and resume.

Whether you are looking for contract work, looking to hire a virtual assistant, or considering a fulltime position back in the workplace, Laurie will share the do’s and don’ts when she looks at resumes and the online search engines and what your reputation really tells a hiring professional.


Kavita Sahai: How to Make Your Big Plans a Reality

Kavita Sahai is a leading online Coachultant® (Coach + Consultant) and founder of She’s a proud mom, recovering workaholic and college professor who has built two companies to over seven-figures and has raised over $800M in capital. Educational accolades include graduating Summa Cum Laude at the University of Florida, and earning an MBA as a Haas Merit Scholar from UC Berkeley. Kavita has a long-standing passion for teaching, and helped to establish the entrepreneurship program at Lynn University. When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her reading books, spending time on Instagram or enjoying painting with her kids. Check out her stories, tips, and inspiration on life, business, and all things entrepreneurship @havebigplans on the social media platform of your choice. 
We’re talking with her today about the struggles of Entrepreneurship and how often many of us get stuck: in a rut, in a tailspin of self-doubt and questioning ourselves, and how we can get back on track and stay mentally fit and moving forward. Welcome to the show!
Before we get started I want to tell you about a fabulous DOWNLOAD Kavita has on her website under the FREEBIES tab called: The Epic GUIDE to Raise Money. All I can say is DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!

What holds us back from our greatness?
•What are the main reasons entrepreneurs fail?
•How to overcome obstacles?
•Tips to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed?
•How do we avoid analysis paralysis?
•What is a failure resume?

How to get in touch with Kavita:

Stacy Cook: What kind of digital marketing efforts do you really need to get noticed?


What kind of digital marketing efforts do you really need to get noticed?

There are many online tools, and I mean many for getting your business name and offers out there. Working with a professional, saves you many hours of testing and research.

If you are looking to try to do your marketing yourself - I would say for most businesses it’s easy to get started.... focus on brand, make sure you are #1 for your brand names and the related terms like your brand name and the location names, your domain name believe it or not and the many ways people can type it, or mistype it, common misspellings are all different keywords terms

And make sure to have your brand covered, PROTECTED, before doing any generic term marketing, these campaigns are typically under $50 a month and have MAJOR impact.

Listen in and learn what else you need to have in place before going any further!

Results-driven business development professional with 20+ years in digital marketing. The bulk of my experience has been in early stage start-up’s, either as a founder or as an early hire. I excel at conceptualizing unique monetization strategies, pitching them to potential partners, and then managing long-term execution around collaborative monitoring of relevant KPI’s.

Specialties include: Monetization Strategy, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Growth, Business Development, Traffic Arbitrage, Media Buying, Ad Sales, Conversion Funnel Optimization, User Acquisition Strategies, and Business Modeling, PHP, software development, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) management, project management, online marketing, graphic design, internet consulting, one on one training, analytics analysis, online multimedia, web hosting and copywriting services.

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Stacy Cook -- Vero Beach Marketing






Katie Lemieux: The Beauty of Chaos

The Beauty of Chaos

Katie Lemieux - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Entrepreneur &

Ever feel like your business is in total and utter chaos? We all have days that we’d like to wipe off the calendar and start over. As an entrepreneur, how do you stay positive when the money isn't coming in like you expected? How do you not let clients get under your skin? Do you spend time celebrating the “ta-das” in your business or get stuck in the “to-dos” of what you have to get done? 

Join Katie Lemieux and me as we help you see the Beauty of Chaos!

#business #communications #positive #entrepreneur #chaos #mentalhealth

Kimball Stadler: 10 LinkedIn Habits You Really Need to Be Doing


Kimball Stadler / CEO of Top Dog Performance


10 LinkedIn Habits You Really Need to Be Doing

You are not alone if you are still scratching your head wondering how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and sales. If this sounds like you, listen in to this episode as I take you through 10 best practices you need to have in place to make this “LinkedIn thing” start working for you. And don’t forget to download my FREE LinkedIn guide that will help walk you through everything we talk about and so much more!
w: T: FB: LI: www.linkedin/kimballstadler

As a social media coach and marketing strategist, our guest, Kimball Stadler, helps her clients create marketing initiatives that clearly identify the perfect target audience (you can't be all things to all people), defines the message and maps out exactly how to reach an ideal customer whether it’s through a social media presence, a well-designed landing page with an insightful download tool or even eNewsletters that inform and act as a lead magnet. 

Kimball has an incredible gift for reverse engineering a sales process.
She can look at an audience persona, define how they enter in the sales funnel, evaluate the messaging and nail down a call to action essential in getting a client closer to the conversion. 

She says: "Keeping them on the hook" is what it's all about- long after the initial sale has been completed.”
Her motto: "There are riches in niches."
It's all about helping clients create "digital breadcrumbs" so businesses get found and new sales are generated. 

#LinkedIn #socialmedia #digitalmarketing #topdog

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