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Elizabeth Case: The Power of Followup

November 7, 2017

Elizabeth Case / Yellow Dog Consulting

The Power of FOLLOWUP and how it helps grow your business

There are THOUSANDS of dollars that go unspent each year for business owners. How do you access that potential income for your business? Follow Up If that stack of business cards on your desk stresses you out, fear not – Elizabeth Case at Yellow Dog Consulting will share her system to grow your business!

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Elizabeth Case “drank the kool-aid” of entrepreneurship in 2011 and started Yellow Dog Consulting. She loves working with Solopreneurs who love what they do, but the sales and marketing part of their job sucks their will to live. Elizabeth is a big fan of creating systems and schedules in business. She knows there’s a way you can make the sales and marketing part of your job not be the worst part of your day.

Elizabeth lives in Hillsboro, OR with her husband and the world’s greatest Yellow Dog, Norm.