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Dr. Doris Vilk: Tapping Into Your Naughty Side

November 7, 2017

Tapping Into Your Naughty Side
Author Doris Vilk

How do you go from a well-respected Dentist with a thriving practice to a full-time writer of adult love stories? You follow your heart and your passion and make a giant leap and don’t look back. And that’s exactly what romance novelist, Dr. Vilk did! As an entrepreneur, many times we allow ourselves to dream about the possibilities of our unrealized ideas, but may not act on them because of what others may say or think. Listening to the naysayers only keeps your ideas smaller than before and kills your personal confidence. In this episode, you will learn what kept Dr. Vilk focused and brave through some pretty dark times, and how she managed to tap into her “naughty side” without the fear of judgment and negative people.