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Hailley Griffis: Where to find content for your social media accounts

Where to find content for your social media accounts
Hailley Griffis - BUFFER


Let’s face it- most of us struggle to find quality content to use for our social media accounts. Who has time to spend hours looking for just the right articles for our viewing audience? Well, one of the fabulous tools I use for Top Dog Performance and all my clients is BUFFER. Imagine being able to tell a program what articles and information YOU want to receive and it gets served right up to you for review and approval. BUFFER is like a virtual assistant for me.

Listen into the episode as we talk to Hailley Griffis, head of PR at BUFFER and not only learn about the platform but about their unique company values as well.

Katie Nall: Dealing with Stress

Because she’s a mathematician who want everyone to love math, our next guest searched for a way to help students overcome fear, anxiety, and worry about mathematics and taking tests. During her search, she found vey little for students to use - until she found this most unusual, most strange, and most effective method to reduce fear and anxiety. While using this method, our speaker found the new technique effective in helping all kinds of people with all kinds of different stressors, anxieties, and fears! Our speaker has her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, and is currently completing Level 3 international certification to teach others the new method.
If you have stress, anxiety, or fear, you may be in the right place at the right time. If you already know how to handle all of life’s stressors, listen up anyway so you can help others. The spouse of our next speaker admits the speaker is well-equipped to speak on stress.

Kimball Stadler: Build and maintain your personal branded imagery

What are you doing to build and maintain your personal branded imagery? As your business grows, so do the opportunities to share a message and best practices in a public forum. It is common practice for meeting planners, nonprofit board members, event coordinators, and corporate marketing and human resource executives to seek out and select speakers for a variety of functions. With such an endless stream of speakers available in our industry, your printed and digital collateral content and subject matter can be the deciding factor when decisions are made to secure their speaker. Learn what you need to have at your fingertips to catch the attention of business professionals looking for their next speaker….YOU!

Lisa Wozniak: Do You Need Marketing In Private Practice?

Do You Need Marketing In Private Practice?

GUESTLisa Wozniak


Lisa talks about the common misconceptions among private practice owners with regard to marketing. She explains why they need it in today’s environment and what steps they need to take to get started. 

Lisa is Marketing Consultant and owner of Woz Marketing; a marketing company dedicated to helping private practice owner enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. Lisa is driven by her passion to help mental health professionals overcome varying marketing challenges private practice owners face. Lisa has been in the marketing arena for over 25 years. Having worked with several big business clients in a corporate setting, she has realigned her niche to focus solely on private practice owners by helping them develop and implement creative marketing strategies designed to grow their client base.

Dr. Doris Vilk: Tapping Into Your Naughty Side

Tapping Into Your Naughty Side
Author Doris Vilk

How do you go from a well-respected Dentist with a thriving practice to a full-time writer of adult love stories? You follow your heart and your passion and make a giant leap and don’t look back. And that’s exactly what romance novelist, Dr. Vilk did! As an entrepreneur, many times we allow ourselves to dream about the possibilities of our unrealized ideas, but may not act on them because of what others may say or think. Listening to the naysayers only keeps your ideas smaller than before and kills your personal confidence. In this episode, you will learn what kept Dr. Vilk focused and brave through some pretty dark times, and how she managed to tap into her “naughty side” without the fear of judgment and negative people.

Ellis Mass: Breakthrough Communication Through Adaptability

Breakthrough Communication Through Adaptability 
Ellis Mass 

What kind of success could you have if you understood exactly how your “future client” approaches business, the decision-making process, and what was really important to them? Being able to adapt to the people and environment around you can significantly help build solid relationships with your clients and allow you to see opportunities you may have missed over the years. In this episode you will learn all about an assessment called DISC and how it can be a game changer for your business results.

Tal Vakill of CapZool: Let’s Make Social Media Easy Again

Social Media made easy with CAPZOOL
Tal Vakill

Social media doesn’t have to take HOURS each day. There is a clever tool many digital marketers use that allow us to set up all posts for the entire month in less than an hour. On this episode I bring you one of my favorite tools: CAPZOOL

Tal Vakill- VP of CapZool talks to us about the beginnings of this unique company and how it’s rapid growth in the last 2 years.

Elizabeth Case: The Power of Followup

Elizabeth Case / Yellow Dog Consulting

The Power of FOLLOWUP and how it helps grow your business

There are THOUSANDS of dollars that go unspent each year for business owners. How do you access that potential income for your business? Follow Up If that stack of business cards on your desk stresses you out, fear not – Elizabeth Case at Yellow Dog Consulting will share her system to grow your business!

T: LI:

Elizabeth Case “drank the kool-aid” of entrepreneurship in 2011 and started Yellow Dog Consulting. She loves working with Solopreneurs who love what they do, but the sales and marketing part of their job sucks their will to live. Elizabeth is a big fan of creating systems and schedules in business. She knows there’s a way you can make the sales and marketing part of your job not be the worst part of your day.

Elizabeth lives in Hillsboro, OR with her husband and the world’s greatest Yellow Dog, Norm.

LOU BORTONE: Video Marketing for Your Business

LOU BORTONE: Video Marketing for Your Business

“Sweet Lou” Bortone is known as The Video Godfather. We’re not exactly sure why and, frankly, we’re a little afraid to ask. What we do know is that Lou Bortone has been a pioneer and thought leader in the video space since the launch of YouTube in 2005. He’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies create and leverage online video to build their brands and dramatically grow their revenues.

Prior to his industry-leading work in online video marketing, Lou spent over 20 years as a marketing executive in the television and entertainment industries, including stints as National Promotion Manager for E! Entertainment Television and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Fox Family Worldwide in Los Angeles.

Lou is a popular speaker, author, and ghostwriter of six business books. He’s also the author of the illustrated parody, "F*ck You, Pay Me!" You can learn more about “Sweet Lou” at


Lou’s new book:

Cool Freebie at:


Laurie Johnson: The 4 Elements of Coaching

Our guest today is Laurie Johnson who is the CEO of 4 Elements Coaching and part of the team of coaching industry professionals at inviteCHANGE. 

Laurie Johnson is truly dedicated to the profession of coaching. Because coaching was so beneficial in moving her forward, she decided that becoming a coach herself was the next logical step in helping others to move forward as well. As a thriving Coach and Program Advisor for InviteCHANGE, Laurie does just that. 

Laurie helps others who want to become a coach by helping them find the right training program at InviteCHANGE, a program that has developed transformational coaches for 20 years! Laurie is also the owner of her own business, 4 Elements Coaching, and coaches individuals and teams in the areas of business development, leadership and improving relationships. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives.

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